Custom Sheeting

Boxboard Sales

We carry many different calipers, with a range of widths suitable for all folding carton, printing and many other applications. Our long-standing relationships with trusted suppliers afford us access to additional stock for custom orders. Not only that, but they also carry a vast supply of inventory on site and at nearby warehouses that are readily accessible.

Dedicated to Quality

We supply many different grades and from various mills, including but not limited to:

  • CRB
  • SBS
  • Chip
  • Liner
  • Whitetop
  • Kraft
  • Freezer
  • Sized Grades

Custom Converting

Enjoy a custom product that meets every need. We offer in-line slitting, scallop and splice detection with auto rejection, and web cleaning, as well as metal detection capabilities during the sheeting process.

Our Sheeters can handle a wide range of roll dimensions as follows;

Dimension Ranges

Our premium sheeters can handle a wide range of roll dimensions, including:
  • Core size of 3-16 inches
  • Width of 16-65 inches
  • Caliper from 7 to 40 pt
In fact, we are one of a very few converters with the ability to handle up to 82” diameter rolls, as well as cutting up to 160” length sheets.

Guillotining Services

Ideal for orders of many varieties and with many custom sizes, layer cards and inserts available, our guillotine paper cutting and trimming services can meet your individual needs.