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At McDermid Paper Converters, we pride ourselves on quality. We carry a wide selection of custom paper products that can meet the needs of just about any business. From artwork and banquet paper rolls, to paper products for ATMs, calculators and debit machines, we can help you find the right solutions to meet the needs of your business. While we mainly cater our products to the restaurant, retail and medical industries, our paper solutions can be customized to meet your needs. Explore our paper products below to get started or contact our team of experts at McDermid Paper Converters today.

Standard Roll Products

Point of Sale – Debit / ATM / Calculator Rolls

Our standard roll products are ideal for most industries, including retail spaces and restaurants. Learn more about our paper for point of sale transactions, including debit machine, ATM and calculator paper supplies.

paper rolls from McDermid Paper
Premium Bond Rolls

Our multi-ply white and colour premium bond rolls are ideal for debit machines, ATMs and calculators.

thermal paper rolls from McDermid Paper
Thermal Transaction Rolls

Find the best white, single-ply paper roll for your ATM or POS machine.

standard paper rolls from McDermid Paper
FSC® Certified POS Rolls (FSC® C103352)

These high-quality POS paper rolls are certified.

Specialty Products

Our specialty paper products can help to meet the unique needs of your business. With options for medical facilities, retail operations and more, you will be nothing short of impressed with the quality of paper that you receive.

PREMIUM Bond 3" x 3"
Bond Telex / Teleprinter Rolls (Regular & Centre Perforation)

We have a wide selection of high-quality Bond Telex and Teleprinter Rolls ideal for most business operations.

Shop Point of Sale
Point of Sale (POS) Ribbons & Ink Rollers

The carton size may vary, as our ribbons are repacked in new boxes, based on the quantity.

card reader from McDermid Paper
Card Reader / Swipe System Cleaning Cards

Often added to carton of rolls, and sold individually. Not in own box unless ordered in bulk (box of 50).

Premium Bond by McDermid Paper
Premium Bond White 95 Brite Multi Purpose Paper Photocopier / Laser Printing Paper / Plain Fax

Learn more about our multi-purpose paper for photocopiers, laser printers and fax machines.

Folding Carton Grades

We carry many different calipers, with a range of widths suitable for all folding carton, printing and many other applications.

**Please note that product images shown are for identification purposes only and may not be a precise reproduction of the product being supplied.